Do Not Read This.

Still here? Great! The fact that you’re still reading this tells me you’re not going to be put off so easily.

That’s one of the qualities that goes a long way to make a great UNISON representative!

Being a union representative can be very rewarding and is a great opportunity to develop as a person and gain some fantastic new skills. These could be in learning, publicity or representing members. You can find out a lot about different subjects from employment law to campaigning. UNISON provides all the training you’ll require and we have a variety of interesting roles you can get involved in. You will get paid time off to attend any courses and meetings required, and you don’t have to commit huge amounts of time to the role.

Being part of a team means we share the load, and as a new steward you’ll have lots of experience to call upon, both locally and via our regional officers.


Take the step in 2015 to broaden your horizons in an exciting new way!

Contact one of your local stewards if you're interested in getting more involved.